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It's our intention to develop structural change with a durable result. The goals and actions are determined in consultation with the involved partners in Belgium and Romania. Besides that, the local reality has to be kept in mind.

Next elements stand first in the projectcourse:

transfer of knowledge and experience

transfer of methodical procedures

passing on or creation of structures

multiplication effect

creation of larger target groups

influencing policy (local, regional, national)

continuity and permanence

an eye for the countryside

Projects may difer in time. Some take a few months, others go on for several years. Some projects are part of a longer proces of are a continuation of previeous actions and projects.

We try to make sure that results of these projects find their way to Belgian organisations/institutions/communities which are bonded with Romania or other countries.

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LYwG: Support Structure for Local Youth work Groups
Coördination centre for health control and disease prevention
Local women's organisations
Local youth (work-) policy plans and local youth councils
Special youth care in Romania
Waste management

SME: Small Medical Enterprises
Project Elderly Care
MIS: Mobile Intervention System